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Welcome to the AD&D Web Page for Patents, Intellectual Property, and Proprietary Projects in process and completed projects.  These technologies cover a wide range of high-tech to low-tech in various fields of interest for product and business development.  These projects and technologies are available for licensing, partnerships, joint ventures, or sale. For those interested in more information please E-Mail: darduini@yahoo.com.


  1. "Centrifugal Clutch and Variable Flywheel," D. P. Arduini, Patent in draft for an apparatus for improved storage with improved rotary energy storage, efficiency, and added control features for turbines and wind power,
  2. US2009/0261790 A1, "Synchronous Rectifier Post Regulator," D. P. Arduini (assigned to Cisco Systems), Patent Application of a method and apparatus for adding post regulation with added features of existing synchronous converters with few parts, published October 22, 2009,
  3. US2009/0196075 A1, "Fly-Forward Converter Power Supply," D. P. Arduini (assigned to Cisco Systems), Patent Application of a switch-mode power supply single-switch forward converter topology with improved features, cost, complexity, and efficiency, published August 6, 2009,
  4. US2008/0284168 A1, "Pulsed Energy Transfer," D. P. Arduini, Patent Application for improved control and efficiency of energy transfer for turbines and wind power, published November 20, 2008,
  5. US6705340 "Emergency Gas & Electrictic Shutoff Apparatus and Control System", James McGill and D. P. Arduini, Patent issued March 16, 2004,
  6. US6085772 "Smart Automatic Safety Valve Having Remote Electromagnetic Shut-Off Protection and Reset Control from Seismic or Other Sensors", James McGill and D. P. Arduini, Patent issued July 11, 2000.



  1. Educational Board Game for family that is important for life, useful for learning, and fun interaction and mind stimulating,
  2. Regenerative Electronic Load Power Supply for high efficiency power supply load testing,
  3. Dynamic Electronic Load Power Supply for a direct point-of-load for high di/dt excitation testing,
  4. Passive Differential Voltage Probe for shielded and isolated low-noise wide-bandwidth power supply voltages with Oscilloscope and DVM,
  5. Fast-Transient Response Power Supply with Digital Control for next generation of VRMs and improved Point-of-Load (POL) converters,
  6. Active Voltage Transient Suppressor for on-board ASIC and uP type microcircuits to allow faster di/dt capability on internal power rails,
  7. Passive Voltage Transient Suppressor for PCB fabrication to allow faster di/dt capability on the power rail planes,
  8. Bio-Meter for studying plant life and communication with many features and high sensitivity,
  9. Bio-Radio Control for bio-feedback mind control on model toy boat, car, and train,
  10. Stress Meter for bio-feedback training, stress reduction, relaxation, meditation, and learning with many features and high sensitivity,
  11. Pill Minder for keeping track of pill prescribed usage and when taken,
  12. Paper Clip is an improved paper clip, clamp, clipboard, or notebook,
  13. Powered Pet/Dog Brushing, Dematting, & Grooming Tool for easier dematting and combing of dog hair or other pet with less friction and less painful pulling out of hair,
  14. Computer Security Wireless Security System for improved privacy and never forget your password,
  15. 3D Computer & TV Monitor and CAD Work Station for true 3D viewing of TV, movies, CAD drawings and viewing,
  16. Fabric Unshrink Treatment to reverse shrinkage from washing and drying of clothes,
  17. Curb and Front/Rear Guard for ease of parking car with distance shown to curb and car in front or back,
  18. Sound & Light Show Toy for composing sounds and music with color organ light show.


This page is under continuous construction and updating. Please visit often for the latest updates. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Douglas P. Arduini, San Ramon, California (USA)
E-Mail: darduini@yahoo.com
Phone/FAX: 925/804-6063

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