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Welcome to the AD&D Consulting and Product Development Forum in San Jose, California (USA). The purpose of this Web Page is to provide a Forum and communication center with links for the areas of interest listed below:

    Engineering Consulting,
    Analog and Power Electronics,
    Research & Development (R&D),
    Technology and Product Development,
    Business, Politics, and Society.

The goal of this Forum is to provide a communications center for discussion of our thoughts and ideas, problems and solutions, in a professional, cooperative, and comfortable environment, of special interest to us as outlined above. This Web Page is not a bulletin board as such, so the exact relationship to a Forum is open for discussion and suggestions. This Forum may become a center for links to other Internet locations that can serve as host for active news groups and bulletin board discussion groups. Some expanded descriptions of purpose for this Web Page Forum on Technical & Business Issues are listed below:

      Technical topics, projects, interests in analog & power electronics
      Business and economic issues in the US and world
        Power electronics and electronics industry
        General business and economic issues
        History, trends, projects, etc.


      Interactive discussion group
      Network for participation and contributions
      Presentation forum


      Discuss problems and present solutions
      Discuss and review projects of interest

I need suggestions and help from all interested to put this project together. Please begin with sending E-Mail to Doug Arduini at darduini@yahoo.com and I will regularly post pertinent responses and comments or news in on this Web Page.


This page is under continuous construction and updating. Please visit often for the latest updates. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Douglas P. Arduini, San Ramon, California (USA)
E-Mail: darduini@yahoo.com
Phone/FAX: 925/804-6063

Copyright ©: 1995, Douglas P. Arduini, Revised - 26 October 2009